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Terminus Est by Shodukari Terminus Est by Shodukari
This is Terminus Est, which means 'It is finished'. It is the weapon of Azral, the Angel of Death, Seraphim of the Lords of Light. Like all Seraphim, save Mikail, his sword is a hand and a half weapon allows for both one handed and two handed combat, and his weapon ignites with flames along it's length when used. However, being forged of Shadow Steel, the flames are black and shed no heat.
Azral appears much like most celestial servants with a halo crown and wings, clad in armor and carrying an unsheathed bastard sword. There are however the normal distinguishing features that mark him as one of the Seraphim and unique in his purpose. First and foremost is the absence of Azralís right wing. It appears to have been completely severed from his shoulder with only a jagged stump roughly four inches in length protruding from the shoulder area through the back of his armor. Despite this physical mutilation, Azral can still fly with the same speed and maneuverability as his brethren. The snow-white pinion feathers of his left wing are stained deep red with what appears to be fresh blood, which drips to the floor only to vanish when it hits the ground. Azralís halo is an incredibly dark radiance instead of the normal blinding light, though it still Dazes any evil creature that looks upon it, the same as any other servant. His armor is as well crafted and ornate as his brethren but has a shine like that of hematite, a darker finish which does not illuminate from within, but instead, when in darkness, seems to comfort the viewer, as if letting them know that, in the end of all things, there is still peace. Across this armor and continuing down the Seraphimís arms and across his brow and cheeks are scripture in the celestial tongue. These words are set in shining silver on the armor and in dark black ink on his fair skin. The scripture reads in part, Ďand to those who follow the path of good, let them be not afraid, for the angel of death shall pass thy door until, in the fullness of time, thy need is great and Azral, the Comforter, shall bring thee to thy peace, and there will be no more sorrow, nor pain, nay only the everlasting rewards of thy faith.í
Azralís eyes are so dark they appear black, with no distinguishable pupil, and can pierce with cold fury, or ache with sorrowful compassion. His hair is black as well, falling loosely to his shoulders. His armor covers him from throat to toe, but leaves his arms mostly bare save for a set of ornate bracers and shoulder pads. Her rarely speaks, but when he does, it is with a voice that sooths all fears.
Despite the terrifying reputation that being the Angel of Death has received, Azral is not normally a scary individual; in fact, he is a comfort to be near, though there is still a quiet melancholy that surrounds him.


Terminus Est is the weapon of the Seraphim Azral, the Angel of Death. As one of the Seraphim, his duty is to usher the living faithful into their afterlife when their time has come. This is done by severing their ties to life with the sword so that their spirit can leave peacefully. There are times however when the Lords of Light have assigned other tasks to the Angel of Death which require him to combat the forces of evil, and when these tasks have come, he wields Terminus Est in battle as well. It is said that when the time comes for the final battle between the celestial and infernal that only Azral will remain apart from the battle to send the souls of the fallen to their rewards.
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Dom666ism Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
Awesome design. And I like how you incorperated Azrael into the background since is gands down my favorite angel. ^^
Shodukari Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! I loved designing all my Seraphim, including Azral.
Garnet01 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
cool sword^^
Shodukari Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad you like it, was it the appearance or the discription that you enjoyed?
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September 24, 2010
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