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Malice and Spite by Shodukari Malice and Spite by Shodukari
This is Malice and Spite, a weapon which is capable of splitting into two swords for duel wielding, or remain in one blade for a powerful single sword use.

Despite the name, which was given to the weapon by it's current wielder, the weapons seems more or a weapon of light than darkness.


Malice and Spite was forged long ago during the time of the Reign of Fire. When the human civilizations rose up against the Necromancers who tyrannically ruled them and began to kill them, many Necromancers forged weapons and items of power to defend themselves while they hid from the witch-hunt around them. Malice and Spite is such a weapon. Taking weapon designs from Drow associates, a Necromancer whose name has been lost in the pages of history constructed the blade that was to become this sword. With the blade created the Necromancer gave it to his loyal bodyguard, thinking it would be enough to protect him from his enemies. Alone and in hiding this was in fact true, however he and a few others tried to take back their city by raising an army of undead on the battle plains nearby. The undead met with the might of the humans, girded and armed by dwarven rune craft and battle waged. The dwarven clans had planned for this fight, and the weapons used by the humans carried runes that denied the touch of Necromancy to those slain. The mages could not replenish their troops and they lost the field. The Necromancer, his fellow mages, and their guards were overwhelmed and put to the sword. The weapon became buried under the earth as time went on. The area where the battle was fought became a common battlefield where forces tested strength for a myriad of reasons and those who were down on their luck often searched the hills for items they could use or sell. One year a young farm boy by the name of Drake was scavenging in the hills he often did, hoping to find enough usable steel to sell as scrap to the blacksmith. The rains had come earlier in the week washing away layers of mud and he was hopeful. After piling bits of rusted armor and broken weapons for hours, he was going to leave for home when a flash of crimson caught his eye. Dropping to his knees in the mud he clawed at the earth between the roots of a lightning blasted stump. There he felt the hilt of a sword and pulled it out. The weapon, still sheathed, came out easily at first, then snagged on something. Drake pulled the scabbard harder and saw that the belt was still affixed to the scabbard, and also around its former ownerís backbone. Moments later the weapon was free and Drake drew it out in wonder. There was no doubt in his mind that this would be worth a great deal of coin and he rushed home to tell his father leaving his other findings in the mud. When he arrived home his father looked at the fine weapon and proudly told Drake that he had just guaranteed the familiesí survival through the winter. The family gathered to celebrate, but Drakeís younger sister was still not home from her chores. With the sun starting to turn red Drake and his father went to the far field where she had been working only to find her not there and one of the rail fences by the woods smashed open. Drake ran into the trees in a panic calling his sisterís name. His father called to him to join him and they would gather the neighbors for a search but Drake ignored him and pushed forward. Hanging from some brush, he saw her hair ribbon speckled with blood and further a strip of cloth from her dress. An hour later, Drake came to the edge of a clearing were he saw his sister, her dress in tatters and barely still on her body, draped over a horseís flank. Nearby was a man in leathers and bearing a sword drinking from a stream. Drawing the blade at his side, Drake rushed at him screaming in rage. The man turned with a shocked look and lunged to the side drawing his own blade. Drakeís rage gave him power as he fought though not enough to beat a skilled opponent and soon the man had him on his back with a foot on Drakeís sword. Rage filled his vision and Drake wished for a way to strike when to his amazement a twin to the sword that was pinned appeared in his hand. Drakeís arm drove up into the manís chest, sliding easily into his lung. A cold wash of satisfaction fell across Drake as he watched him die and then set him on the horse next to his sister and headed for home. At the farm everyone was shocked to see him and rushed out to tend to his sister. The manís body he dumped on the earth and spat on. But when his sister came to, she claimed the man had rescued her from the mercenaries who had taken her. In fact the man was the local lordís only son and had been bringing her home. Fear shot through Drake as he realized his mistake and his father cursed. There was no choice left to Drake but to run. Drake left that hour and didnít stop until he reached the border of the lordís lands and beyond to the next village. Within time he found work as a farrier for the Crimson Dragons mercenary company and learned to use the practice swords. Eventually he challenged the unit for a position and became a mercenary himself. His leadership and skill with a blade, coupled by the power of the sword which he had named Malice and Spite has lead him up the promotional ladder to commander of the special cavalry unit the Ghost Riders and a lieutenant to the Dragon Queen herself.
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