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Innocence: The Shield Blade by Shodukari Innocence: The Shield Blade by Shodukari
This is the next blade of the prophecy listed in [link] .

This is Innocence, The Shield Blade. A holy weapon of a Paladin, the blade is capable of taking on the wounds of others into themselves, leaving the innocent unharmed, and to vanquish the forces of darkness.


The story of Innocence begins within the city of Sanctuary and the warriors who dwell within its walls. A city ruled and governed by paladins, primarily those who serve Arik the God of Duty and Service, it is little wonder that the governance and treatment of outsiders has become slightly theocratic in nature. Laws are in existence within the city walls which restrict the comings and goings of visitors to certain sections of the city in which a night curfew is always in affect, and things deemed unsavory by the paladin knighthood such as alcohol, recreational drugs including tobacco, and prostitution are banned outright, even in the visitors areas. Those who form the city watch who enforce these laws are normally the faithful of Arik, citizens of the city led by paladin aspirants or young clergy. Such a young man was Marcus, a paladin aspirant who, like so many others of the faith, had never set foot outside of the walls of Sanctuary except in armed groups on patrol. It was on one such occasion that Marcus rescued a group of pilgrims from a band of goblins, charging into their ill formed ranks an slaying their leader in single combat, that he was gifted with a weapon and shield set commissioned by the leaders of the city by their dwarven allies as a reward for his valiant service. Given the title Shield of Innocence by those he had rescued, Marcus continued in his service to the city, eventually passing his trials and becoming a full paladin of the order and began his pilgrimage in the outside world. There he witnessed a severe difference from the world he knew as his life became filled with individuals who were good at heart but did not follow Arik’s path. Day after day he helped those who needed his aid; the hopeless, the poor and destitute, and most of all the portion of man that is often ignored, the beggars, homeless, and street walkers. For a year he traveled until he returned to Sanctuary and with his return, he saw the city with new eyes. Now to him the city’s laws seemed almost hypocritical and arrogant in their enforcement. Those who refused to worship Arik were treated as second class citizens, shunned by their supposed ‘betters’ for their beliefs while visitors received harsh restrictions against them that did little but cause them difficulty. When Marcus brought his concerns to the Warden of the city and his council, he was told that such thought was blasphemy and must never be uttered again, but the paladin knew within his heart that these people needed a voice and continued his crusade, for that is what it became to him, a holy cause to fight for. After months of warning the Warden finally shattered his Runeblade across the alter of the Town Hall and exiled the young paladin from Sanctuary, never to return, striking Marcus’s name from the rolls of order of the Silver Swords.
Now, cast out from the largest congregation of his faith, Marcus travels from town to town, a wandering swordsman who aids those who need him. Upon the execution of one such task, he was given another Runeblade to compliment his surviving shield by the enigmatic wanderer known as Puck. Having been forsaken by the leaders of his order, he has passed the title ‘Shield of Innocence’ to his arms, referring to himself as simply Marcus without any of the illustrious titles normally claimed by paladins of Arik and thus, his sword became Innocence. Though cast out of his order, Marcus has not forsaken Arik, in fact, he feels it is his duty to defend those who cannot, regardless of their faith, and eventually bring understanding of this need to Sanctuary’s walls. His divine blessing as a paladin has remained with him all this time, signaling Arik’s approval of his professed duty despite the actions of his peers and his faith has only grown from his trials. Within the last half of a year Marcus has been searching for a group of slavers who seem funded by Skarsla and have been raiding past the borders of the warlord states. He has so far been unsuccessful in his search, but has crossed paths with another individual, Anna Nelvinor, paladin of Ionna, the Goddess of luck. Beloved and chosen by her Goddess, Anna had been led to this cause by Ionna, and luck has found the two to join forces to the detriment of the slavers.
RaynethLion Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i think i could go though every one of them hehe
RaynethLion Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
massively fine blades my friends
DragonKnight92 Featured By Owner May 8, 2011
Alright it's finally here! Out of all of the blades in the series, I'd say this would be my favorite of them all. The next sword I would like to see made is the Tempest.
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