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Cold Iron Sword Request by Shodukari Cold Iron Sword Request by Shodukari
This was a request from :iconzousha: for a sword for their character in Changling. The following is the background for the sword written by them.


Hidden among the people of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Twin Cities, are the changelings of the Citadel of the Four. The Citadel of the Four is a freehold that follows the changing seasons, with Courts of the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The Citadel had existed since the end of World War II, when the Four Founders, wise and cunning changelings, brought the secret contracts and spells needed to forge the massive pledges of loyalty that make a freehold what it is.

About twenty years later, the Citadel of the Four discovered an even greater surprise. Hidden in the Hedge, the strange dimension that separates our World from Arcadia, they located a massive Hollow that contained the largest Goblin Market ever seen. Dubbed "Market City," the place became vital to the Citadel, as it drew changelings from all over the United States to take refuge with the Citadel.

However, all that changed when the Winter Tyrant took power. Up until a few years ago, the rotation of power between the seasonal Courts had gone unopposed, but Minnesota is a state of extremes, with hot and humid summers and incredibly cold winters (we joke that there are only two seasons here, Winter and Road Construction). The Winter Tyrant saw this as justification for increasing his own power, and had members of his Winter Court assassinate the most powerful figures of the other Courts, and when he took power, he declared the old freehold would be dissolved and would be replaced with The Cities of Eternal Winter, and demanded that the other Courts swear fealty to him and acknowledge Winter's dominance over the Twin Cities.

The other Courts refused to bow to the usurper, and for the first time in the freehold's history, civil war broke out. Among the leaders of the rebels was a young knight of the Summer Court, a Fireheart Elemental only calling himself Valor. A cunning tactician and able fighter, some in the freehold claim it was only Valor's efforts that kept the other three Courts united in the face of the Winter Tyrant's coup. He beat the Winter Courtiers at their own games of stealth and guerilla warfare, but he needed to lure the Winter Tyrant out of hiding, for he had not been seen since his demands were refused.

Knowing that the Winter Tyrant had likely used the power of his Contracts to throw people off his trail, Valor needed something that could dispel his peoples' faerie magic. The only thing powerful enough to do that, was cold iron, iron that had never felt the heat of the forge. He sought out the greatest smiths of the Courts, but making something like this was beyond even their skill. They could not make a blade for him without something like meteoric iron, which was exceedingly rare.

Fortunately, an ally soon came to Valor who knew just where to find such a treasure. A rogue Winter Courtier calling himself Stark Eddie claimed to have found a fallen meteor near the Twin Cities, and promised he would get it to Valor before scientists or other mortals came to box it up for a museum. In exchange, Eddie requested a pledge that after the Winter Tyrant was unseated, there would be no retaliation, no revenge against the Winter Court as a whole. There were those who saw the Tyrant's ambitions as madness, and believed that if the original rotation of power was not restored soon, it would destroy the metaphysical balance that was vital to a freehold's existence. Such an imbalance would surely draw the eyes of the True Fae, and if that happened, the changelings who called the Twin Cities home would be doomed. Valor agreed.

It was less than a day before Eddie recovered the meteor, and brought it to a trio of Smiths, a mighty ogre from Valor's own Summer Court, a cunning Wizened of the Autumn Court and an Elemental artisan from the Spring Court. Together, the three created a mighty blade that Valor could use to end the Tyrant's reign.

Taking the blade up, Valor hunted down his enemy, until he finally pierced through the obfuscation and enchantments and located the Winter Tyrant. Valor brought him before the rest of the freehold and struck off his head, declaring that no one would ever speak his name again.

Though the Citadel of the Four was re-established after the fall of the Winter Tyrant, with both Valor and Stark Eddie taking position as the Kings of the Summer and Winter Courts respectively, the spirit of the changelings in the Twin Cities was irrevocably changed. Some changelings believed that this civil war only proved that the seasonal Courts and their cyclical shifting of power were outdated and carried too much risk. Some broke away from the Citadel, establishing the Bastion of Horizons freehold in Minneapolis.

Valor keeps the blade as a ceremonial weapon and as an emergency weapon as "iron holds a shitty edge," in his own words. All his knights are dubbed using it, and when changelings swear fealty to the Summer Court, it is on this blade that they swear.
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Zousha Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Once again, I must thank Shodukari for bringing this weapon to life. The players in the Chronicle will be wowed when they see it. :)
Shodukari Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are very welcome!
Zousha Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
It still has to be said though. Thanks! :)
DragonKnight92 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011
Both the blade, and the it's background are neat.
wolfclaw291 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011
Wow! Looks EPIC!
With an even EPICER story to it!
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