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Bloodquick by Shodukari Bloodquick by Shodukari
This is Krilyth’hanalyon, also known as Bloodquick, and The Blade of the Heart. It is the weapon of
Two lessons learned from this blade. First, commission artists need very specific details to create things to the client's satisfaction. Second, if it's important to you, don't stop until you get it right.


Krilyth’hanalyon is a longsword crafted during the ancient times of the elven races, back before when their was only one race of elves, and they dwelt within the lands of Faerie. As the servants of the court to Lady Titania and Lord Oberon they tended the immense gardens and served as the staff for the grand and often changing palaces the Lords and Ladies of the Fey Courts. They were never mistreated by the Seelie Court, and it was believed by the elders of the race that they were glad to serve their queen, so the reason those who would become the elves came before her and asked for freedom has never quite been known. What is known is that Titania granted them their freedom and gave them passage to this world. Not knowing what dangers they would face and facing for the first time this thing called ‘mortality’ that the Lady Titania said was the price of their freedom, they crafted weapons from the Fey magic that was the very air they breathed. Each ancestor crafted a weapon according to their desires as they stepped for the first time upon this world. As the final foot trod upon this earth, the portal closed and left them shivering with a new feeling, the cold of the night wind. One brought up his sword and willed fire from its blade and for a moment those near found comfort. But within minutes the sword consumed itself and turned to smoke, disappearing from his hand forever. A great cry was heard as the elves discovered their protections fading as the magic that nourished them was not to be found. Only a handful of weapons, six to be precise, remained to them. Among them was Krilyth’hanalyon. The ancestor who has crafted the blade gathered together the others and formed a settlement. Though rough in appearance, it sheltered them and gave them hope. Time and time again he led them in the battle for their survival and proved himself a true leader. When in the course of time his life came to an end, he showed once more his love of his people. The daughter he left behind was as strong and courageous as her sire and she was the equal if not more than her father was as a leader. Over time unmeasured those of her line became leaders of the elves. Weaponsmithing was learned and the weapons now know as the True Blades became less important to the elves’ survival. Time continued to pass, fading even in the elven memory, and the sword Krilyth’hanalyon became lost. The details of its loss have not remained save that it was a great battle. Most scholars believe that it was lost during the Sundering, the great battle that drove the Drow into their underground cities but have little to substantiate such claims. Ages passed and an elven adventurer found the blade deep within the catacombs of an ancient mountain range. That woman, a princess of the elves, Halsharra Ari’Telmithus, know traveling under the name of Onyx became the latest in a proud line of wielders. As a bearer of a piece of elven history, she strives to live up to the ideals that the prior wielders believed and works at all times to protect her race.
It is legend that states, this blade will never fail to protect the Elven people, as long as the heart that wields it remain true.
L-SaDiablo13 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
I see this as either a falchion, scimitar or saber-style bastard/broadsword.
Shodukari Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well yes, technically. But in this world, elven weapons started out single edged and curve bladed, to reflect aspects of nature. It was only after a certain point in their history that they started making straight duel-edged blades. All elven swords have long hilts, which are hand and a half.
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